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Air conditioners are a necessary element for any enclosed place during summer season.

In Event Souq we rent different type of temporary air conditioner and portable AC depending in the requirement of our customers. Renting an AC is crucial in different varieties of applications


  • Tents: tent is a venue for different applications such as weddings, corporate meeting, exhibitions, field hospital and military camp. AC rental for tent is mandatory specially during the hot days.
  • Private house: if you are hosting a party, wedding or event family gathering inside your house you should rent an AC as your existing AC system will not be sufficient.
  • Exhibition and party lounges: the existing cooling system is some lounges might not be enough specially when the number of guests is more or because of using party lights which generate huge heat load.


  • In UAE the law forced all construction companies to give the labors a daily break from 12pm to 3pm starting from 15th of Jun till 15th of Sept. During these 3 months the companies usually buy tents for the labors or they make a temporary enclosed shed and in order to make their labors comfortable they have to cool down these places by renting AC.
  • During the construction work there are a lot of procedures which require dry cool weather such as flooring, painting, wooden works or maybe during storing the furniture, so these companies use temporary AC for few weeks or months before they turn on the chiller.

Warehouses and workshops:

The running cost of air conditioner is expensive, however, during the extreme hot weather in UAE, business owners or managers have to find a proper temporary cooling system for their labors specially those who work inside the warehouse, and one of the best options for them is renting air conditioner for two or three months in order to maintain the productivity of their workers which might drop down to literally zero specially when humidity crosses 90.

Determine the size and number of the temporary AC is not an easy task and if it doesn’t calculate properly it might lead to either not achieving the desire temperature or adding an extra AC which is wasting of money to the business owners.

Event Souq has more than 5 years’ experience in temporary cooling services in UAE. Our well-trained technicians are ready to inspect the customer site and give the cheapest and best proposal all the time.

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